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You’re Bacon Me Crazy 2020 (HD)

You're Bacon Me Crazy 2020 - Full (HD)

You’re Bacon Me Crazy

Plot Summary:

You're Bacon Me Crazy is a deliciously charming love story about Cleo, a spunky young chef with a popular food truck. With the help of her niece Tessa, Cleo's handcrafted Italian sandwiches have become a favorite of the bustling and competitive Portland food scene. But when Gabe, the handsome chef of a rival food truck called the Bacon Wagon, parks across the street, Cleo's goal to win a local food truck competition takes a spicy turn. With Gabe's help and her family's encouragement, Cleo comes to learn that she's not going to win if she doesn't push herself. As she comes to realize that owning her own restaurant is what she wants most, she also begins to understand that her food isn't the only thing that could use some TLC. The only way Cleo can have everything she wants is if she adds the most important ingredient to both her cooking and her life. And that's love.
Director: Allan Harmon
Running time: 1h 28min
Genre: Romance
Release date: TV Movie 4 April 2020
Cast: Natalie Hall, Michael Rady, Michael Karl Richards, Casey Manderson, Barbara Tyson, Ian Collins


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