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Werewolf Rising 2014 (HD)

Werewolf Rising 2014 - Full (HD)

Werewolf Rising
  Rating: 2.3/329

Plot Summary:

Emma is a country girl who left for the big city only to return years later with big problems. And when she returns to her childhood home deep in the Arkansas mountains for some well needed rest, relaxation, and soul searching, her problems have only just begun. A bloodthirsty werewolf emerges from the woods to lay siege to the area, ravaging anything in its path and revealing a sinister underworld that most never knew existed. With a full moon hanging over the area, Emma is plunged into a fight not only for her life, but for her very soul…
Director: BC Furtney
Running time: 1h 18min
Release date: 22 September 2014 (UK)
Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Melissa Carnell, Matt Copko, Brian Berry, Danielle Lozeau, Irena Murphy


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