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Stroke of Luck 2022 (HD)

Stroke of Luck 2022 - Full (HD)

Stroke of Luck

Plot Summary:

Young Nathan has pulled a damaging prank at his school in the city and is sent to his fatheru0026#39;s farm to work it off. But Nathan finds much more than he bargained for when he gets there, including Sarah, a very charming, independent farm hand, a bizarre crime ring, and a horse that only he can hear talk. Cameo by John Popper – lead singer of the band Blues Traveler. Directed and co-authored by first-time feature filmmaker, Christian Frelinghuysen. Produced by Mark Farrell (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Z Rock). Shot entirely in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. [Coming-of-Age Comedy]
Director: Christian Frelinghuysen
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Comedy
Release date: January 11, 2022 (United States)

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