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Remember Me

Plot Summary:

Claude is an aging theater critic who lives in Monterey, California, with the company of his longtime friend and neighbor Shane. Widow from a couple years ago, he passes the days worry about his daughter Selma and his granddaughter Tania, specially after his son-in-law David (Selma's husband and Tania's father), a prominent politician, was caught paying prostitutes with public funds. With the scandal hurting his family life, Claude tries to keep himself occupied with his former job, going to the newspaper where he worked several years to talk with the editor to contribute with new ideas. In the last visit, by chance Claude discovers a terrible news: famous theater and movie actress Lillian Blanche is diagnosed with Alzheimer and sent to a peaceful and quiet senior living community. Claude's first love when they two were young and talented in the 60s years, life forced them to take different ways, marrying others. Still fall in love with her, Claude asks Shane help with a plan: fake …
Director: Martín Rosete
Running time: 1h 28min
Genre: Comedy,Romance
Release date: 2019 (USA)
Cast: Bruce Dern, Brian Cox, Caroline Silhol, Sienna Guillory, Verónica Forqué, Serena Kennedy


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