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La casa de papel 2017 - Full (HD)

La casa de papel

Plot Summary:

In a villa on an island (St. Peter) a little out of season, inhabit Vanessa, a young widow, and stepdaughters Kikki and alive. Vanessa had married their father above all because it was very rich. After her husbandu0026#39;s death, Vanessa decided to keep him Alive and Kikki and also call Roberto, her former lover, now a professor with the aim of preparing the two girls to the maturity examination. Shortly after his arrival, he establishes an atmosphere heavy with half-empty Island the villa that seems almost a luxury prison do understand immediately that the stepmother and stepdaughters will hate and despise each other.
Director: {directorsOrCreatorsString}
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Action,Crime,Mystery
Release date: December 20, 2017 (Sweden)
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