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Me & My Left Brain 2019 (HD)

Me & My Left Brain 2019 - Full (HD)

Me & My Left Brain

Plot Summary:

Arthur, who suffers from OCD, has spent the last few months spending time with Helen — but he doesn't know where he stands with her. Are they friends? More than friends? Or potentially more than friends? With the help of his vivacious next-door-neighbor Vivien, Arthur assembles the courage to ring Helen to find out once and for all where he stands with her. Only one problem: Helen doesn't answer. And so begins a long night of tossing and turning where Arthur, whilst adopting a variety of methods in an attempt to get to sleep, reflects on the time he has spent with Helen and dissects every moment of their time together to determine whether she is legitimately interested in him or not. Whilst in this deep reflective analysis, Arthur bickers with his opposing inner-voice(represented by another actor), who is extremely opinionated on this particular night. For many of us, trying to fall asleep can be a painfully frustrating experience. For when we struggle to sleep perhaps it is the one …
Director: Alex Lykos
Running time: 1h 17min
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 16 May 2019 (Australia)
Cast: Chris Argirousis, Chantelle Barry, Rachael Beck, Laura Dundovic, Malcolm Kennard, Natalia Ladyko


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