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Level 3

Plot Summary:

A provocative psychotherapist uses unusual and confrontational methods in order to get his clients to see the truth about themselves and several philosophical discussions follow on intense topics such as childhood trauma and sexual dynamics in relationships as each character is probed. An aggressive and seemingly sadistic approach is taken with Victoria (Kristine Veta), whose childhood trauma has shaped her poor decision making and promiscuous ways. A peering but pushy approach is taken with the guarded Samantha (Anna Carlise) who reluctantly reveals a dark secret which drastically changes the tone of the conversation. Therapy sessions with Donovan (Jovan Ford), who is coping with the reality of an absent parent, and Chloe (Chelsea Willis), a young free spirit in danger of succumbing to the throes of the LA party scene, explore the ever-complicated male/female dynamic in modern dating and relationships. The exploration of dark impulses that live in all of us and seeking out the root …
Director: Only Now Existing
Running time: 1h 31min
Genre: Drama,Thriller
Release date: 23 March 2021 (USA)
Cast: Veta Horwitz, Anna Carlise, Jovan Ford, Chelsea Willis, Anna McNiven, Christine Celozzi


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