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Key Lime Voodoo 2020 (HD720)

Key Lime Voodoo 2020 - Full (HD)

Key Lime Voodoo

Plot Summary:

Paul's girlfriend Zoe has decided to head south to Key Lime Florida a town where there's plenty of local flavor and known for its good vibes, friendly people. Upon driving into Key Lime she breathes in the tropical breezes welcoming her to a state of euphoria. Upon settling in she meets the local bar fly Peter, and in conversation they both agree to meet the next day with his local friend Audrey. Clipping away in her greenhouse Zoe, develops an attraction to the local orchid grower bordering on trust and dependency. A diabolical plan unfolds while Zoe falls prey to the local flavor. Det. Lax, left his jurisdiction in search of Zoe, who can't seem to resist her vulnerabilities and temptations. While investigating his girlfriends mysterious disappearance he must fight the spiritual powers that could keep him from finding her before its too late.
Director: Jo Blanco
Running time: 1h 19min
Genre: Horror
Release date: 2020 (USA)
Cast: Austin Jones, Jennifer Kaiser, Katria Whitfield, Gary James Fitzsimmons, Charlene Solis, Hector Lopez


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