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In Stereo 2015 (HD)

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In Stereo
  Rating: 4.4/177

Plot Summary:

David and Brenda are perfect for each other, and everyone knows it except David and Brenda. After they break up, due to mutual immaturity, they voyage through a romantic Purgatory that shakes both of them to their core, until they realize what's apparent, and work out a design for being together that they refuse to call "being together". A sharply observed, dark comedy about the complexity of modern relationships, In Stereo is a humorous look into the lives of confused 30 somethings trying to figure it all out.
Director: Mel Rodriguez III
Running time: 1h 37min
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Release date: 3 July 2015 (USA)
Cast: Beau Garrett, Melissa Bolona, Maggie Geha, Aimee Mullins, Mario Cantone, Micah Hauptman, Sean Cullen, Gary Hilborn, Brian J. Carter, Chivonne Michelle, Kieran Campion, Joshua Alscher, Jordan Theodore, Emmy Harrington


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