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Hope Lost 2015 (HD)

Hope Lost 2015 - Full (HD)
  1. Hope Lost
  2. 4.8/10·IMDb
  3. Sofia is a young Romanian girl who dreams to become a show girl. Sofia meets Gabriel, an Eastern European producer who has been living in Rome who asks her to follow him that very same night: he is about to film a new reality show and he thinks there might be a part for her in it. Sofia reaches the conclusion that she cannot lose the opportunity of a lifetime and she gets into Gabriel’s car. As the dawn light filters through the sky, Gabriel has gone. Manor has taken his place; he organizes a bevy of extremely young girls from Eastern Europe. She is forced to work as a prostitute and she experiences violence and the steamy squalor of the punters’ cars.
  4. Release date: February 2015 (USA)
  5. Directors: David Petrucci
  6. Running time: 94 minutes
  7. Genre: Drama, Thriller .
  8. Cast: Danny Trejo, Mischa Barton, Michael Madsen.


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