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Farm to Fork to Love 2021 (HD)

Farm to Fork to Love 2021 - Full (HD)

Farm to Fork to Love

Plot Summary:

Awaken…This is the only thing the youth of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar remember before awakening in an unknown building in a medieval landscape enshrouded in darkness. They donu0026#39;t remember anything besides their own names. Whatu0026#39;s stranger is that sometimes they catch themselves saying words that they donu0026#39;t understand, even though they seem so familiar. The group of strangers is told that in order to make a living, they would have to join the Reserve Army forces to keep the town safe from nearby monsters. The stronger looking people form a team to join the Reserve Army and depart, leaving Manato, Haruhiro, Ranta, Yume, Mogzo, and Shihoru to fend for themselves. But how will they get by if they canu0026#39;t even defeat the weakest of monsters? Born from the ashes of their old memories, the ragtag team of six start a new life in the world of Grimgar.
Director: Sandra L
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Romance
Release date: May 1, 2021 (Netherlands)

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