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Plot Summary:

After a demanding book tour, superstar mystery novelist Grace McCabe (Alyssa Milano) decides to visit her sister, Kathleen, whou0026#39;s embroiled in a custody battle after a bitter divorce. Arriving in D.C., Grace is shocked to find Kathleen living in a run-down neighborhood and, hoping to afford a hotshot lawyer, supplementing her meager teacheru0026#39;s salary by moonlighting as a phone sex operator. According to Kathleen, Fantasy, Inc., guarantees its employees ironclad anonymity. But Grace has her doubts which are confirmed one horrifying cherry-blossom-scented night when one of Fantasy, Inc.u0026#39;s operators is murdered. As Grace is drawn to help solve the crime, her life turns into a scene from one of her own books. Yet as one of her biggest fans, investigator Ed Jackson, warns her: This isnu0026#39;t fiction. Real people die and Grace could be next. For sheu0026#39;s setting a trap for a killer more twisted than anything she could imagine. And not even Ed may be able to protect her from a rendezvous with lust and death.
Director: Monika Mitchell
Running time: Not Available
Genre: Crime,Drama,Mystery
Release date: January 13, 2022 (Sweden)

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