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Body of Evidence
  Rating: 4.4/12896

Plot Summary:

A millionaire is found dead of heart failure handcuffed to the bed with a home video tape of him and his lover. When cocaine is found in his system, and his will leaves $8 million to his lover, they arrest her on suspicion of murder. Her lawyer succumbs to her charms, and he begins a torrid and kinky affair with her. As new evidence turns up during trial, he begins to wonder if he's defending a murderer.
Director: Uli Edel
Running time: 1h 39min
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release date: 5 March 1993 (Sweden)
Cast: Madonna, Michael Forest, Joe Mantegna, Charles Hallahan, Mark Rolston, Richard Riehle, D. Scot Douglas, Mario DePriest, John DeLay, Ross Huffman-Kerr, Anne Archer, Willem Dafoe, Mark C. Vincent, Frank Roberts


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